Butirex C4

  is a functional nutrient that provides a 54% of sodium butyrate protected,

thus optimizing the development of the animal's digestive tract and

improving its productions.


Butirex C4 and its slow release

Its protection allows it to overcome the stomach
without dissociate, releasing the acid mainly in the
first sections of the small intestine, where the largest
number of villi is located and where will exercise its
main benefits.



What benefits does it offer?

Promotes consumption
  • Provides an attractive aroma to the food.
  • It increases the level of insulin in the animal, making it improve the absorption of glucose.
  • Improves intestinal transit of feed.
It helps the development of the villi
  • Increases its length (+ 15.5%) and the area of intestinal absorption
  • Improvement of nutrient absorption
  • Greater protection of the mucosa
Digestive maturity and immunity
  • Enzyme stimulation in the pancreas and mucosa (Amylase, Protease, Lipase)
  • Higher digestibility
  • Improves the nutritional value of the diet
  • It favors the immune defense
Antibacterial activity
  • Increase the production of organic acids
  • Acidifies the intestine
  • Improves the balance of intestinal flora
  • Effective in the control of pathogens (E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridium, Eimeria ...)


Porcine dosage

Fattening pigs

0,5-1 Kg / mt


1-4 Kg / mt


1-3 Kg / mt

Birds dosage

Laying hens

0,75-2 Kg/mt


0,75-1 Kg/mt

Broiler breeders

1-2 Kg/mt

Rabbit dosage


1-3 Kg / mt

Ruminant dosage


2-3 Kg / mt


3-4 Kg / mt


3-4 Kg / mt

Aquaculture dosage


1-3 Kg /mt

Petfood dosage

Pet food

1-2 Kg /mt


Butirex C4 across the world

Novation has achieved to transfer the advantages the use of Butirex C4 to the market


Butirex C4 - Mejorando el rendimiento productivo y previniendo la incidencia de diarrea

April 2021


Novation News January 2015

ALTERNATIVE TO COCCIDIOSTAT IN CHICKENS, BUTIREX C4 AND ENVIVA EO Coccidiosis is one of the biggest causes of loss in poultry and […]

January 2015

Novation 2002

From the beginning, our priority has been the manufacture of additives doomed to increasing the food safety of our food. We started manufacturing mixtures of acidifiers to improve the food consumed by animals. At first, we achieved this improvement through the optimization of microbiological quality. But, later, we learned that with our products we could also improve the digestive processes of animals. In such a way that we made a better use of the raw materials used. At the same time, we launched a production line of antioxidants that avoided the oxidation processes of food. Nowadays, we continue our R & D process to extend the benefits of the product to the animal metabolism. As soon as we finish the laboratory and field tests, we will expand this production line of our factory. Two years after our beginnings and as a result of our experience, our productive achievements and our work network with our collaborators / researchers, we launched Glukosa, our predecessor of Glukosa for ruminants, into the market. This meant expanding the product portfolio and also, our productive capacity. Years later, and after a challenging research process, we started to manufacture Butirex C4, protected sodium butyrate. It realizes a new extension, since its manufacture is elaborated in a completely separate production line. At present, our productive capacity is 7,000,000 kgs per year, and our projects / expansion plans are on the table ...


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